Recent Update:

May 2023:

On May 11, the federal government declared the COVID-19 public health emergency to be over. In this light, the FCPH Board of Health has rescinded the Franklin County COVID-19 public health emergency.

What this means:

    • COVID-19 will no longer be a public health emergency and federal funding will end. COVID-19 tests, shots and treatments may cost money depending on the provider and insurance.
    • COVID-19 reporting will change, including ending weekly community levels updates.

This does NOT mean that COVID-19 is no longer in our communities. You should still remain up-to-date on vaccines, including boosters, and stay home and test if you are sick. Getting a COVID-19 shot is the best way to protect yourself from serious illness and death.

FCPH is committed to providing services to Franklin County residents and will continue to offer FREE COVID-19 vaccines at our clinic.

For more information about the end of the Federal COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Declaration, click here.

April 2023:

The CDC made changes to simplify COVID-19 vaccine recommendations:

    • Adults age 65 and older and immunocompromised people can get an additional COVID-19 vaccine dose.
    • Monovalent (original) COVID-19 vaccines will no longer be recommended for use in the U.S.
    • The updated bivalent shot – which includes original and omicron protection – will be used, even for people receiving their first COVID-19 dose.

COVID-19 Cases in Franklin County Public Health's Jurisdiction

(Excluding City of Columbus & City of Worthington)


Confirmed Cases


Probable Cases


Total Cases




Asymptomatic Cases




Age Range


Symptom Onset Date Range


Sex – Males


Sex – Females

LAST UPDATED: 5/19/2023 (UPDATED every other Friday at 4 P.M. except holidays)
Additional data is available in the Epidemiology report below.

ODH dashboard updates their numbers weekly on Thursdays and may not include our case counts at this time.
For state case count, go to

Please note that FCPH data dashboard will not be updated after February 23, 2022. These data indicators are available on CDC COVID-19 Data Tracker and Weekly Epi Report for Franklin County.