FCPH COVID-19 Status Statement – April 15, 2021

Governor DeWine announced today that Franklin County has moved to level purple (advisory level 4) within the Ohio Public Health Advisory System. The increasing number of new cases and COVID-19 related healthcare use (including emergency department, outpatient visits and hospitalizations) are being reported at a concerning rate.

As stated by the Ohio Department of Health, major contributors to the trends we are seeing are the variants of COVID-19. We know the COVID-19 variants are more transmissible and cause serious illness and potentially death.

Residents should continue their normal and necessary activities such as school and work. However, we MUST continue to exercise vigilance and use the safety precautions available to us. This means avoiding groups, staying six feet away from others, wearing your mask, washing hands and getting the vaccine when it is your turn. There is plenty of vaccine in our community so if you have not scheduled an appointment to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, I urge you to do so today.

Vaccine appointments are available with Franklin County Public Health and many other providers. You can schedule an appointment now at gettheshot.coronavirus.ohio.gov. If you have already done your part and are vaccinated, I encourage you to go a step further by checking on and assisting friends, family and neighbors with their appointments. By everyone doing their part, we can make an impact and turn the corner on this pandemic.

Today’s announcement is a call to action. It reminds us of the severity of COVID-19 and that the pandemic is far from over. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of hand washing, avoiding groups, wearing your mask and getting the COVID-19 vaccine. These life-saving actions are critical in keeping Franklin County safe. Please do your part, get vaccinated when you can and continue to help us minimize the community spread of COVID-19.

Joe Mazzola, MPA
Franklin County Health Commissioner