Franklin County Public Health (FCPH) COVID-19 Weekly Status Statement – February 26, 2021

As FCPH surpasses 20,000 doses administered of the COVID-19 vaccine, the work that happens at our clinic, and through all of the pandemic providers, is literally healing families and our community. As we look forward, there is light ahead. Each week brings a bit more vaccine and each day brings a bit more hope.

We are currently offering first doses to those 65 years of age and older and those with severe congenital, developmental or early onset disorder.  Additionally, we continue to offer second doses when individuals are eligible.  Keep checking our website often for scheduling information. As a reminder for those who are due for their second doses, you will be contacted directly when it is time to schedule.

As more and more people are vaccinated, a popular question is, “Do I still need to quarantine?” The CDC released guidance for people who have been fully vaccinated that have been in contact with someone with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. They are not required to quarantine if they meet certain criteria in the “Close Contact” section on our website.

In other news, our teachers and school staff have now had the opportunity to receive their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Many of our K-12 schools are planning to return to robust in-person learning modalities. As this takes place, there are many questions about social distancing, close contacts and quarantine guidelines. Though 6 feet of social distancing is preferred, schools that maintain at least 3 feet of social distancing would be able to utilize modified quarantine guidance, which allows students to remain in the classroom setting. More details are available on our website

New cases and hospitalizations attributed to COVID-19 remain on the decline. We know more work is ahead so let’s keep wearing your mask, watching your distance and washing our hands. Let’s all do our part so that we can grow stronger, together in 2021.

Joe Mazzola, MPA Franklin County Health Commissioner